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Welcome to our website!

Much of the "hot off the press information" is available on the twitter site @ cr8ivecalverley.

We also post regularly to our Facebook site (or select the link above).

For those who wish to visit Calverley, we have produced a guide to some of what goes on in the village here

We are excited to share our interests, hobbies and fun with you and hope you find everything you need.

Creative Calverley is formed from a group of Calverley based residents. We aim to bring people of all ages and abilities together to have fun and build a stronger sense of "community".

We also aim to introduce people to the talent and creativity available literally "on your doorstep".


Creative Calverley is a " not for profit" voluntary organisation established in 2011. We recognise that many people benefit from coming together as a community.

We further work with other people/organisations in Calverley and beyond to help them with their events e.g. Calverley Walking Nativity.

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