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Calverley Community Awards

Calverley Community Awards are an initiative by Creative Calverley to recognise and thank those people who contribute to and make a difference to the Calverley community.

Thank you to all those people who have nominated others. Some awards had just one nomination, so the winners are obvious.

We have separated the awards into two sections people and places. Thank you to the hundreds of people who have voted.

Calverley Community Awards


Congratulations to the winners.

King of Calverley - Asaf Hussain

Queen of Calverley - Waheeda Hussain

Best Street - Carr Road

Best Achiever (s) uner 18 - The Hussain Brothers

Best Achiever(s) (18 and over) - Winnie Palmer

Best Neighbour(s) - All those neighbours who have been looking after other people, saying hello, shopping etc. for others

Contribution to the Community - Local community volunteers

Best Team or Club - Calverley Cricket Club

Best Place - Shirefit

Best Place to Drink - Thornhill Arms

Best Place to Eat - Thornhill Arms

Best Cat - The cat that lives next to the Post Office

Best Dog - My dog

Nominations for the community awards 2022 begin on the 1 November 2021.

Just use the contact us page mark your comment as CCA and nominate the people/places you wish to nominate.

The most popular nominees are the ones who are the people/places put forward for the vote.

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