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Projects and Initiatives

Creative Calverley have lots of projects that are being planned. Some projects that we are doing are in co-operation with other organisations and some projects are in planning but we are unable to reveal at the moment.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Creative Calverley by volunteering to run events/projects please do contact.

If you would like any information about events or wish to leave feedback, please do contact us via email on 

If you would like to speak to a person, please call 0776 468 2560. Please leave a message - with your contact number (if we are off doing creative things), we will phone you back.

Alternatively, you can use the contact us page with any suggestions of things you would like to see happen in the village. 

Greenhouse Project - Help Calverley in Bloom


If you have a greenhouse (or know someone who does) could we possibly use a bit of space in the greenhouse to help Calverley in Bloom grow some flowers from March onwards?

Even if you could fit just one seed tray in your greenhouse it would be really helpful.

Thank you.

The Royal Horticultural Society have an initiative to "paint the county yellow" in honour of the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire.

We have put a link here to a booklet they have produced giving guidance on what to plant and when.

Would be great if parts of Calverley could get involved with this initiative.

The Happiness Project, x to x March 2022


Week long initiative to encourage people to be happier, share time, activities, fun and possibly challenge people to try new experiences-activities.

To make at least one person (hopefully more people) happier during the focus week.

Silverlinks (Enabling Older People To Manage Life Changes)

We are delighted to be working alongside Care and Repair Leeds in a project aimed towards those who are 60 and over who may need to talk to or meet up with people who have had personal experience of having their house repaired, adapted or who has moved house (downsized or gone into sheltered/retirement accommodation).

In the interim, if you feel that you need support (or know someone who does) or if you feel that you could offer support to someone, please contact Barbara (details below).

Skills Exchange

Are you 55+? Do you have a skill or hobby to share? Do you have time to spare?

For further information, please contact Barbara Bailey on 0113 200 9157 or

Calverley Characters


There are many people in the village whose faces we may recognise, but do we know their names?

We are arranging for a series of interviews/photographs to be taken of local people with the aim of us getting to know each other that little bit better.

If you would like to be interviewed or if you know someone you think would be an interesting person to interview, please contact

Donations of fabric/wool (ongoing)


Amy Butler Fabric

Do you have fabric that you could donate to us which will be used for community projects for people of all ages and abilities?

If so, please bring it along to Creative Calverley events (it will be gratefully received).

If you have any spare knitting wool that you could donate, please leave in the box in Calverley library. The wool is used by "Knit Wits" to make blankets for those in need.

Calverley Filmakers Group


Have you ever dreamed of being a movie star? Got a screenplay tucked away in a bottom drawer? Or just wanted to know what a "Best Boy" actually does? Then why not get involved with Calverley's very own film group?

The aim being is to put its first production before cameras in late spring/early summer.

No prior experience is needed just plenty of enthusiasm and a bit of free time to spare!

To register your interested and receive further details of the first meeting, please email

(And in case you were wondering the "Best Boy" is the assistant to the "Key Grip" who heads up the team responsible for arranging and moving items on set to allow the cameras and lighting to be positioned as needed).

Photographs, Slides, Cine Films of Calverley


If you are willing to volunteer to pick litter and help to make this lovely village just that bit nicer to live in. Please do contact us.

If you see litter, please pick it up and put it in the nearest bin (or take it home and put it in your bin).

We know that most dog owners are responsible, but if you are a dog owner, please do consider going that extra bit further and pick up any additional mess you may see.

We know it is not nice, but just a little action does make life just that little bit more pleasant for everyone in the village.

All we need is a little bit of time, just five minutes can make a difference, half an hour is great, an an hour absolutely marvellous. You can clean up your own street, help the Calverley Community litter pickers on their walks around Calverley. Any help, any time you can give is gratefully received. You can start today or pledge to get involved in our focus of litter picking.

With this clean up we will be specifically concentrating on the streets of Calverley. Over coming weeks "street ambassadors" will co-ordinate specific clean ups "on their patch". Watch out for your personal invite.

Get involved.

Coupons (Ongoing)

Many supermarkets offer coupon schemes.

Even if you do not normally accept them, do not have children, or your children are grown up, please say "Yes" the next time you are asked whether you are collecting them.

Bring the coupons to Creative Calverley events and we will ensure that the coupons are re-distributed.

It does not cost anything to make a difference.

Micro Brewery/Cider/Wine Making

Interested in setting up a micro brewery/community brewery in Calverley?

We know others who would like to do the same!

Alternatively, would anyone be interested in leading a workshop on cider making/beer brewing or wine making?

Answers on the Contact Us page please.

Language Classes


Hola, Salam, Hej, Salut, Aloha, Dia Duit...

Do you have a second language that you could share with others?

Would you be interested in Beginners Spanish/Italian/German etc?

Project success: Spanish classes are now available in the village. 

Calverley Commute Share


Do you travel into Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate etc at the same time every day.

Could you offer a lift to others and share petrol costs?

Do you drive to Pudsey or Horsforth station each day.

Can you offer a lift to someone else?

Please contact if you are willing to share, your destination and of course the time you leave your house.

The idea is that people will meet you at an agreed time. If they are not there you continue your commute as normal.


Many thanks.

Calverley Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours groups take people to and from hospital, GP and other health appointments, offer befriending, do shopping, run lunch clubs and a variety of other tasks.

Many people do this already, but generally with people that we know. Could we expand this further? There may be other people going to hospital the same day as others and they just might be grateful of a lift or a bit of company.

If we have such a group in Calverley, please contact us, we would like to hear more.

If we don't why not?

Street Meet


Street Meet is evolving.

We are challenging each street in Calverley to have a coffee morning. Send invitations to everyone in the street and invite people to your house to meet each other, get to know each other better.

Alternatively, send out an invitation for people to meet in the local cafe/coffee shop at the church or one of the local pubs.

People on Capel Street met, cleared and tidied the communal space at the rear of their properties, then had lunch. Fantastic idea. Street Meet/Street Sweep.



Did you know that there is a bottle bank at the rear of the Conservative Club in Calverley?

As well as putting on some workshops that encourage the use of recycled items (Christmas Crafts, Bunting etc) and having the "Swap Stall" at some Creative Calverley events (you bring an item - pay £1.00 and you can swap it for another item that is on the table). 

Creative Calverley would also like to use recycling to make a difference to our nominated charity of the year.

Any items that you wish to recycle can be taken to St Gemma's Hospice shops. "Local" shops are in Horsforth and in Pudsey.

If you work in an office (or even at home) and use computer/printer cartridges you could sign up to Lasercharge collect used cartridges and re-manufacture them, but donate money to St Gemma's Hospice. If you are interested in joining in, please contact Lasercharge on 0113 286 4535 or via the above link.

Used postage stamps and foreign currency can also be collected and used to change "trash to treasure".

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