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Sports/Outdoor Activities 

There are so many outdoor activities that take place in and around Calverley that we have decided to dedicate a page for the activities that Creative Calverley are involved with, either in partnership or on our own initiative.

Independent outdoor activities continue to be listed on the Community Noticeboard page.

Sport for All


Over the past few months we have directly approached a few people within the village to see if we can help people to come back to playing sport e.g. after a long absence, to get together and just have fun (when you do not wish to be in a formal league) and just get people exercising more in the park.

In the interim, you have any tennis/badminton rackets, balls (rugby, football, tennis etc) and any other sporting equipment that you think could be used by the community, please do contact us

Promenade in the Park

Daily "promenade" around Calverley Park at 7pm.

Meet, at the cricket club. Just turn up and do (walk around the park a few times, bring the dog, the wheelchair or pram), simple.

Apparently three times around the park is about 1 mile. 

West Yorkshire Disability Sports

Link above to the September 2011 directory.

Link to a website which details all the Leeds City Council run tennis courts, where you can walk on and play for free.

Link to a website which details all the Leeds City Council (LCC) run swimming and aquatics related activities.

Fantastic local facility, which is Leeds' only remaining Edwardian bathhouse,

From January 2013 the baths were be taken over by "new management" of local people. Select the Bramley Baths to link to a fantastic series of events and activities.

Olympic Project

We have set ourselves a challenge to offer information relating to the Olympic sports that can be participated in around Leeds (and often close to Calverley). If you select the sport there will be a link to information on local clubs. If we have missed your club out, we apologise (and please send us the information and we will update the listed information).

If you are able to offer your knowledge/skills in particular sports, please do contact us. We will try to match up "like minded" people in Calverley so that we can get some sporting activities underway.

If you are aware of any sports clubs that offer facilities in Leeds, please do contact us (we may not have the information). More sports will be added in coming weeks.

Challenge Calverley


Can you set yourself a goal of something to achieve in 2016 and raise funds for charity at the same time?

The challenge can be individual, sporting, group, communal, arty...anything you like.

One person has challenged himself already to do a parachute jump.

Let us know what you will do... it may well be that you can inspire others to join you as well.

Calverley Half Marathon! (planning)


Picture from

Many years ago, apparently there was a half marathon run in Calverley.

Can anyone remember what route the race went (or even anyone who took part - and survived)!

Please contact us if you have any information about this race as we have some "brave souls" who are interested in reviving this event in 2016/17.

Many thanks.

Cycle routes in and around Calverley (Available now)

Route 1 - Pudsey Hillfoot, Calverley Woods, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Route 2 - Cycling Along The Canal

If you have any cycle routes that you would like to add, please do contact us.

Birdwatching for Beginners


Are you interested in birdwatching?

Do you want help to identify bird songs and calls.

Do you have birds visiting your garden or Victoria Park that you would like to identify?

We would like to set up a birdwatching club/society in (or near to) the village.

We are so lucky as we have lots of green space in and around the village, so let's use it.

Birdwatching at Hollybush Conservation Centre

Linda Jenkinson our birdwatching friend is holding classes at Hollybush Conservation Centre

Birdwatching classes commence again soon.

Subjects covered include: Bird families i.e. birds of prey raptors and owls, waders, wildfowl and seabirds. Identification, bird songs, environment etc migration. Cost £60.00

If you are interested, please contact Linda via telephone on 07778 768 719 or email

To get an overview of the classes available, Linda has a Start Birdwatching website here

Playing out


Remember the days when children used to play out...hopscotch was chalked on the pavements, skipping in the streets, football, hula hoops?

Yes the amount of traffic has changed, but why aren't we still doing it?

WE CAN... there is a fantastic site here that gives you all the information that you need to set up a car free zone for a few hours/a day to enable children (and adults) to relax and enjoy the streets once more.

Creative Calverley is therefore delegating to YOU to do something about it. Go on, make a difference.

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