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The Happiness Project

he Happiness Project, March 2022


Week long initiative to encourage people to be happier, share time, activities, fun and possibly challenge people to try new experiences-activities.

To make at least one person (hopefully more people) happier during the focus week.

During the week, we challenge you to select an activity (you can do more if you would like to) each day and we hope that it will make you feel happier once you have done it.

There will also be the opportunity to download activities from the Creative Calverley website during this week.

There will be events in the village that people of all ages can join in with and we have challenged some organisations to carry out a task with the theme of "Happiness".(Details will be posted in due course of where/when).

General Happiness

Set aside 5 minutes to have a cup of tea/coffee/cold drink.

Listen (sing along if you would like) to...

How happy is Calverley?

There are lots of questionnaires and research about "Happiness" and all have positives and negatives about them.

Creative Calverley are just going to conduct simple surveys.

How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 5 (now) and how happy are you after you have taken part in a challenge/task (using the same scale).

Creative Calverley have selected various tasks that make people happy and hope that you find something you are interested in joining in with.

It may well be that you do many of these tasks every day, but do not take the opportunity to think about how happy they make you.

You can pick and choose which tasks you undertake. You can do just one task, or many. We just ask you to complete the survey associated with the task number(s) you have taken.

Please complete the "Initial survey" here


1 Tasks

Go for a walk and spot the signs of spring

Throw a ball outside

Walk the dog/borrow a dog and take it for a walk

Garden outside


1 Survey here


2 Tasks

Stop and talk to neighbours

Telephone an old friend and talk

Spend time with family and/or friends

Play a board game

2 Survey here


3 Tasks

Make a list of things to be grateful for

Write a letter/card/note to someone and post it

Write a diary/journal/song/poem

Draw/paint something

3 Survey here


4 Tasks

Read a good book

Watch a favourite film

Listen to your favourite songs

Make a "mix tape" and share with those that you love

4 Survey here


5 Tasks

Take a nap

Light a candle/lots of candles

Do something you are good at

Make a wish list of things that you would like to do

5 Survey here


6 Tasks

Volunteer time to a local group/charity

Donate something to charity

Perform a random act of kindness


6 Survey here


7 Tasks

Pamper yourself

Sing in the shower/bath

Check out an online course

Plan something to look forward to 

7 Survey here

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